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For these works, artist Walead Beshty used the FedEx Express service to mail laminated glass boxes, constructed to the exact dimensions of the standard FedEx boxes, and then shipped them to varying destinations. The resulting damage and the original box are then paired and displayed, like FedEx® Large Box, LA to NYC, 2007. You can check out Beshty´s other projects here.

Real-Time Sculpture

29 December 2016 No tags

Here’s an awesome live sculpture demonstration performed by Professor Sarath Chandrajeewa (Dean, Faculty of Visual Arts at Sri Lanka University of Visual and Performing Art) and Professor Cao Chang Xu (Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China).

Geometric Light Installations

Geometric Light Installations

06 December 2016 No tags

Paris-based photographer Nicolas Rivals constructed bright red light configurations as part of his project La Línea Roja, installed outdoors while on a trip through Spain.



See more from the series on his website and Instagram




22 November 2016 No tags

Toronto-based artist Kathryn Macnaughton’s abstract paintings are compositional and textural experiments in acrylic paint. They are also canvases of contradiction: at once contemporary and timeless, flat and sculptural, compiled and uniform, static and unmistakably alive. Make sure to check her website for more visual goodness.



A Brief History of Alt Music

A Brief History of Alt Music

14 November 2016 No tags

UK-based design studio Dorothy recently unveiled an epic poster Alternative Love Blueprint – A History of Alternative Music, displaying a history of alternative and indie music mapped out to the circuit board of an early transistor radio. The graphic features over 300 musicians, artists, managers and producers who have been pivotal to the evolution of the alternative and independent music scene. It’s now available as metallic gold screen print on 120gsm keaykolour navy blue uncoated paper, 60 x 80 cm. Frame this.

A$AP Rocky just dropped this 12 minutes long grainy black-and-white clip that features a mix of video footage and still photography centered around a butterfly empire, inspired by the 1995 film La Haine.

Shanghai Forever

24 October 2016 No tags

Media artist JT Singh has blessed us with yet another spellbinding trip through Shanghai, this time leaving behind its iconic skyline and instead weaving its way through the lives of locals in frenetic fashion.

Blue Line

27 September 2016 No tags

Written & Directed by Clay Tatum & Whitmer Thomas, ‘Blue Line’ sees two guys on a journey across Los Angeles to pick their friend up from the suicide ward in Santa Monica. Starring Clay Tatum, Whitmer Thomas, Budd Diaz & Anna Seregina. Produced By Ryan Kohler.

The Weeping Line

08 September 2016 No tags  

The body is a depletive metaphor
Exposing a sudden, physical rift
Distinguishing memory,
Unearthing decay in place
Slowing the process of loss,
Leaking that of an emotional drain.

If you’re in LA these days, don’t miss out on The Weeping Line, a three-person exhibition at Alter Space that features San Francisco-based Koak, Los Angeles-based Mattea Perrotta and Chicago-based Mindy Rose Schwartz.

Alter Space at Four Six One Nine
4619 W Washington Blvd. Los Angeles
8 September – 8 October, 2016
Reception: 8 September, 6-10pm

This atmospheric short will leave you contemplating just what awaits us as we venture beyond our own small world. What strange journeys lie in store, and what piece will humankind add to the grand design?

Director, CGI, Animation, Compositing, Editing: Martin Nabelek
Original Concept: Martin Nabelek, Michal Chrastina

Music: “Anvil” by Lorn, from album “Vessel”