The 7th room

13 February 2017 No tags  

The Tree Hotel, an awesome luxury nature retreat in Sweden’s Harads, just added a 7th room this winter and appropriately named it ‘The 7th Room‘. The room is located ten metres up in the pines. The way up is an experience in itself. Stairs and landings take visitors closer to the clouds, step by step. As you reach the large, lush, Lapland treetops, with a breath taking view of the Lule River, you have arrived at your destination. Large panoramic windows face north and along with skylights in the bedrooms, they will allow guests to watch the magnificent northern lights. The room has been designed with various ‘experience levels’. See more photos over here.

Emotional Vomit

24 January 2017 No tags

Good to see you back dude, we can’t wait for more content!

Check out all of his videos over at Pitch Control. PMA!

Skateboarding’s best clips of 2016

24 January 2017 No tags  

Here’s a good compilation of some of the best skateboarding clips from 2016, put together for your viewing pleasure by Skate Shrimp. Enjoy!

Introducing Kirby Jenner

Introducing Kirby Jenner

09 January 2017 No tags

Introducing the 7th Kardashian, Kirby Jenner. The man who keeps on appearing on your Instagram posts pictures of himself seamlessly inserted into Kendall Jenner’s snaps. Launched in July 2015, the parody account, run by a small creative group in L.A., now boasts 500,000 followers. Check it out over here.



22 November 2016 No tags

Toronto-based artist Kathryn Macnaughton’s abstract paintings are compositional and textural experiments in acrylic paint. They are also canvases of contradiction: at once contemporary and timeless, flat and sculptural, compiled and uniform, static and unmistakably alive. Make sure to check her website for more visual goodness.



Watchtower of Turkey

22 November 2016 No tags

Here’s a nice timelapse short film by Leonardo Dalessandri, a spectacular and inspirational piece of work. Shot over 20 days and 3,500 km travelled,  he is crossing Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Istanbul and Konya as well as the soul of Turkey..

3rd Annual Booze Cruise

14 November 2016 No tags

Here’s a short recap of Stuttgart’s Hill Bomb collective celebrating their third anniversary. Cheers guys!

Sander van de Pavert of LuckyTV dubbed the Dirty Dancing Theme Song to the debate and it’s hilarious.

Blue Line

27 September 2016 No tags

Written & Directed by Clay Tatum & Whitmer Thomas, ‘Blue Line’ sees two guys on a journey across Los Angeles to pick their friend up from the suicide ward in Santa Monica. Starring Clay Tatum, Whitmer Thomas, Budd Diaz & Anna Seregina. Produced By Ryan Kohler.

Drangsal ‘Will Ich Nur Dich’

13 September 2016 No tags

After ‘Allan Align’ and ‘Love me or leave me alone’, German wunderkind Max Gruber alias Drangsal returns with the third video output for the fantastic ‘Will ich nur Dich’, all taken from his well produced debut album Harieschaim.